The 5th Annual NeuroHeart Education® (Hybrid) Conference

14th - 16th May 2021
Online Worldwide & In Sitges, Spain
Accredited by the International Coaching Federation



Welcome to the 5th Annual NeuroHeart Education® (Hybrid) Conference - Online and on location in Sitges

This year the conference takes place online for delegates worldwide and for a smaller group, face to face in the beautiful town of Sitges in Spain. In these truly unprecedented times, living in moments of history that we have never known, we are hopeful that we may be able to deliver our conference, on location, in Sitges. Of course, it will very much depend on worldwide travel restrictions.

No matter what the worldwide situation around travel is, we will be delivering an inspirational conference online with some truly amazing speakers but being there. We really hope you will join us!

Remember, all proceeds from this year’s conference will be donated to the NeuroHeart Education® Foundation so by attending, you’ll be helping to make a difference to education projects and causes worldwide.

ⓘ With travel uncertain at this time (March 2021), we have decided to also present the conference online for those delegates worldwide who are unable to get to Sitges. For more details click here. ⓘ

Come and be inspired; get new insights into NeuroHeart Education and brain-friendly learning; find out how to make the learning process more effective and efficient; and network with like-minded people from all over the world.

During the conference, we’ll be exploring how to enhance the learning process through neuroscience, coaching, speech therapy, motivation mechanisms, brain & inclusion, story-telling, heart leadership, neuroscience & decision-making and Neurolanguage Coaching® and much much more!


Introducing our 2021 Keynote Speaker

Angela Maiers

Angela Maiers is a world-renowned author, entrepreneur, international keynote speaker, and educator, whose transformative message of the importance of mattering has the power to unleash the genius in us all. Check more at


“Wasn’t it wonderful? In all my years of conference going, I’ve never reread and reflected on my notes with so much fervour! A remarkable experience with a remarkable group of people. A tremendous learning experience. Thank you again, Rachel”

Clare Crawford, France

“No sooner did Rachel announce next year conference than people started swarming in to register…. I for sure can’t wait Rachel. And thanks again for giving us the opportunity to improve and prove”

Jacob Hawsa, Saudi Arabia

Thank you so much for hosting that sensational event. There were so many inspiring speakers and people there to connect with. Fantastic location, incredible people, great food, hats off to you organizing all that :-)”

Aaron Vetesi, UK

“The conference was so special. Thank you again for putting together such a great programme, bringing amazing people together for this special occasion. Some memories, moments come to my mind about it every day. We’re very active with my ‘flat belly achievers’ whatsapp group members 🙂 supporting and encouraging one another”

Zsuzsanna Angeli, Hungary

“Thank you for the fabulous conference – I had an absolute blast and made some fantastic connections”

Lori Dyer, Australia

“Thank you so much for creating and organising the NLC conference – it was such an amazing and unique experience and I feel very grateful and inspired by it. The organisation was perfect, the location was great and the people were amazing. I’m so honoured to have been there”

Doris Hoeftberger, Austria

“I am truly happy to be part of this mindful and very important event! Looking forward to learn about next year location and looking forward to expand my knowledge with you”

Elena Pronina, Russia

“So happy and grateful for that experience ❤ thank you Rachel Paling. Thank you for the great conference, feel extremely excited being on the right way of my thinking. That was so powerful to understand that you are not alone in your attitude and intentions!”

Ekaterina Berezhnaya, China

“I truly believe this is the way forward, and was so happy to find myself amongst so many like-minded neuroeducators. Thank you and all the team for making it happen. Thank you to all the speakers. Everything lived up to my expectations. Can’t wait for the next NLC Conference!”

Carol Just, France

“Thank you very much for organizing this inspiring conference, I enjoyed every moment and it has given me so much”

Alenka Plos, Slovenia

“It was really nice to meet all of you and to be in the conference. I really appreciate for all the professional preparations and warm welcome. I am honored to be part of it. Thanks”

Beyhan Kurt, USA

“It’s been one of the most unique experiences I’ve ever had. Thank you Rachel and the whole group for providing us with such a wonderful conference. Looking forward to attending the next one”

Eduardo Barbosa Moreira, Brazil

Come and Be Inspired...

The 5th Annual NeuroHeart Education® Conference (formerly the Neurolanguage Learning Conference) has evolved from it’s inception in 2017 as a conference for Language Coaches and Teachers, into a conference for Educators worldwide, no matter what your discipline.

Here’s a taste of what a fantastic event the conference is. One video is from our online conference last year, held entirely online due to the worldwide COVID pandemic. The other fantastic video is from our 2018 conference in Edinburgh.

Reserve your seat today!

Conference Accredited by the International Coaching Federation. By attending the conference in full, you will get 16 ICF credits (5 Core Competencies + 11 Resource Development)

2021 Conference Agenda

14th May

Friday Evening

Registration & Networking

16.00 – Welcome and Introduction

16.05 – Unveiling The NeuroHeart Education® Foundation – Rachel Paling

17.00 – Five Powerful Ways To Help Our Students Know They Matter – Angela Maiers

18.00 – Q & A and Networking

15th May


09.00 – Welcome and Introduction

09.05 – Why Psychological Safety Is So Crucial In Learning – Richard Bentley

10.00 – Stepping Forwards – Neurofitness – Lee Campbell

10.55 – Break

11.15 – I Want To Break Free: Motivation and Growth Mindset In The Classroom – Rachael Roberts

12.00 – Twenty Three Letter Words To Motivate Autonomy – Rob Howard

12.45 – Lunch

13.45 – Putting The Brain At Work In Inclusive Mode – Dana Poklepovic

14.30 – Mastering Motivation Mechanisms – George Kokolas

15.15 – Break

15.35 – Why The Brain Loves Stories – Curtis Kelly

16.30 – The Power Of Words – Jodee Gibson

17.20 – TBC – Giancarlo Brotto

18.15 – Wrap Up and End of Day 1

20.30 – Evening Dinner for all participants (optional)THE POWER OF WORDS

16th May


09.00 – Welcome and Introduction to Day 2

09.05 – ‘The Superhero Approach to Learning’ – Creative Ways to Empower Children to Learn with Confidence and Joy! – Jo Bivens

10.00 – Specific Learning Difficulties and Language Learning – Jenny Dooley

10.55 – Break

11.15 – Using Modern Neuroscience for Making Better Decisions – Thomas Feiner

12.05 – Heart Brain Coherence in Learning – Danijela Debelic

12.45 – Lunch

13.45 – Heart Leadership and the Power of Dreams – Irene Viglia Atton

14.35 – Using Speech Therapy Techniques In Your Lessons – Tetyana Skrypkina

15.20 – Break

15.40 – Engaging the Brain – Using Neuroscience to Improve Learning – Terry Small 

16.30 – Coaching in Education – Rachel Paling

17.15 Q & A Panel

17.45 End of Conference

Our Amazing 2021 Speakers

Rachel Paling

Director, Efficient Language Coaching Global

Angela Maiers

World-renowned author, entrepreneur, international keynote speaker and educator

Richard Bentley

Professional Certified Coach. Leadership Catalyst at Q595

Irene Viglia Atton

HeartMath® Trainer

Thomas Feiner

Director, Institute for EEG-Neurofeedback

Curtis Kelly

Professor of English at Kansai University in Japan

Terry Small

B.Ed., M.A., Master Teacher and Canada's leading learning skills specialist

George Kokolas

Academic Director and Senior Teacher Trainer for Express Publishing

Tetyana Skrypkina

Teacher of foreign languages, teacher trainer and certified Neurological Speech Therapist

Dana Poklepvic

CEO & Director at DPL Corporate Language Dynamics

Lee Campbell


Jo Bivens

The Children’s Coach

Dr. Danijela Debelić, MD

Co-founder of Human Frequency Center and Brain Research Unit

Jenny Dooley

Author / President of Express Publishing

Rob Howard

Business Language Training Institute

Jodee Gibson

NLP Master Practitioner and Certified Professional Coach

Rachael Roberts

ELT author, teacher & trainer/qualified life coach